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Our Mission

To achieve high quality of life

 - freedom -

- peace -

- love -

through property Investment  

Our Value

Believe & Passion  

Partnership & Teamwork  

Action & Dedication 

Trustworthiness & Respect   

Meet the Team

Nan Li


Founder, Director

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA),

    MSc in Finance & Investment, University of Edinburgh   

Certificated landlord by London Landlord Accreditation Scheme   


Founder's story

Nikolett Vadasz


Property Manager

BA degree in Graphic Design, University of Pecs, Hungary

Bachelor degree in Economical IT, University of Budapest, Hungary

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Founder's Story

Where did she start from?

Nan arrived in UK in 2005 to pursue her career goal to work in the global finance industry. After she graduated from University of Edinburgh, Nan has found herself the dream job in Black Rock Asset Management. 3 years' later, she moved to London with her partner and worked for BlueBay Asset Management for over 5 years.   

Being exposed to all different asset classes which those big banks invest for institutional investors and as a Chartered Financial Analyst,  Nan realized that, property are the most approachable, high return, low risk investment asset class for individual investors. It not only brings a rental income on a regular basis, appreciates in value in the long term and also highly leveraged to multiply the returns.

Since 2011, she started with £200,000 which came from savings and gift from families, Nan and her partner had built a portfolio now worth 3.5 Million pounds. 

Nan's View on Property:

"Property is not a 'get rich' quick scheme but it is certainly rewarding to the people who has the right knowledge, mindset and expectations. Long term hold with moderate leverage is the key." Being able to support herself financially from rental income, Nan had quit her daily job and became a full-time property investor in 2017. Nan quoted: "Property industry is a great industry for women to get into. Women can be a good host, who brings care, love and character into those concrete structures to make it alive."    

What she do during her spare time?

During her spare time, Nan enjoys spending time with her two young daughters, family and friends.